About us

Critical Hit Games was founded in Wrocław, Poland in mid-2020 by a group of best-in-class game developers who worked on various AAA franchises. Our personal stories guided us through various nooks and crannies of the games industry and gave us a unique experience. That is probably the most valuable element that glues us together.


We want to become a widely recognizable game developer, creating highly acclaimed brands that will compete in the narrative games segment.


Our games will combine in each other a meaningful, story-driven experience, unique gameplay, and top-notch visuals. We aim to deliver groundbreaking projects for PC & next-gen consoles.


We are growing from day-0, however, our goal is to stay a highly specialized small team, yet agile and extremely focused on quality.

The Game

We are working hard on our first game. Our goal is to provide players with an unforgettable experience with the highest quality visuals set in a unique setting in an alternative vision of the future. The game is still undisclosed, and we will share more information as soon as we will be ready to do it.

  • Release date: TBA
  • First-Person Perspective
  • Single-player, story-driven experience
  • Neo-noir atmosphere
  • Unreal Engine technology

Scheduled platforms

About us

We are super proud that our not yet announced game for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms has been awarded by:

Epic Games

Thank you Epic Games for being rewarded by Epic MegaGrants program for creators using Unreal Engine technology.

Ministry of Culture, National Heritage of the Republic of Poland

We are honored to be rewarded with the grant by Ministry of Culture, National Heritage of the Republic of Poland as part of the Development of Creative Sectors program.

Contact us

We’d love to stay in touch with you. If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please reach us here:


Gen. Władysława Sikorskiego 2-8 / 201

53-659 Wrocław


NIP: 8943153678

KRS: 0000840151